Engaging Men- Detoxifying Toxic Masculinity To End Gender-based Violence

Event Date: July 28, 2018
Event Venue:

Engaging Men Conference- POSTPONED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 2018


As you all know this is a very heavy subject to discuss but we know how important it is to have this conversation.Over the past 2 weeks we've received some complaints and issues in regards to the topic to be discussed including:

1. Male-bashing- the idea that we are saying that only men perpetuate gender-based violence

2. There is no mention of violence against Indigenous women

3. The price is too steep 

4. Violence against Trans Women

These are all valid concerns and we will do our best to have a more inclusive event. We will be postponing the event until September so we can work on these issues. We would also make it a priority to engage young men, especially in high school to attend the event at no cost.

We are grateful to have Red Ribbon and our media sponsor Rabble.ca as our partners and we will be working hard to ensure that the panel is diverse and inclusive. We will keep you posted on the new date in a few days.


Join us for a panel and workshop on the social construction of masculinity, deconstructing the dangers of toxic masculinity and how we can engage men in ending gender-based violence. 


Presented by: http://wimato.ca/ + https://www.whiteribbon.ca/

Media Sponsor: http://rabble.ca

Workshop include:

Introduction to Patriarchy
Relationships and Masculinity
Introduction to Gender- Diversity & Trans Identities
Parenting Feminist Boys
How Men can be allies against the systems of oppression and abuse
The Role of social media as a prevention tool
+ More

All men are invited to actively participate in redefining the norms of masculinity.

A full list of speakers will be posted shortly

Cost: $35 per person