Her Own Biggest Fan: An Interview With Kaya DaCosta

Her Own Biggest Fan: An Interview With Kaya DaCosta

Kaya DaCosta is a Toronto based multi-disciplinary artist. Having been raised around musical parents she was motivated to express her own abilities, developing her into a deeply charismatic artist and performer.

From the Brickworks to the Feminist Art Conference, and every downtown street she inhabits Kaya has left evidence of her encapsulating personality. She’s currently pursuing her passion at OCAD University, using an eclectic mix of worldly emotion to motivate and inspire her creative process.

“Whenever I feel as though I need to communicate a thought or emotion that is too complex to explain through mere words, that is when I create my best pieces. I think it is important to be open to the world and allow it to inspire you.”

Every song and project she shares with the city explodes with an assortment of vivid imagery. Ranging from smooth to spunky and all together groovy, her creations are completely worth applaud.

Kaya DaCosta

Who inspired you to start singing and playing instruments?

My parents are most definitely my first and foremost musical inspirations. They are both musicians, so I grew up in a household that was always full of all types of music being played. They would always be singing and playing guitar or piano. There was always a guitar around, and over the years my parents have given me little tidbits of there musical wisdom that have helped me grow as an artist.

What are your top 5 favourite songs right now?

This is a very difficult question ! I would have to say Bad Gal by Trapo, Blakkst Skn by Rejjie Snow, Go With it by The Internet and Vic Mensa, Inanimate Sensation by Death Grips and Come Over by Keita Juma.

Are there any femme musicians that have inspired you? If so, what have you learned from these famous ladies?

I feel cliché saying Rihanna…but she honestly has. I love how she has incorporated so much of her Barbadian culture into her music, and how she works it every time she performs. FKA twigs is a big inspiration for me as well. Her music is innovative and her artistry shines through her lyricism, videos and performances. Erykah Badu

Are there any femme visual artists that have influenced you? Who may they be?

There are quite a few actually! A lot of them are friends of mine who go to OCAD! Lido Pimienta is a really incredible visual and musical artist. Laura Callaghan is super dope as well. I follow a lot of cool femme artists on Instagram. Whenever I am in need of inspiration, I will often go through my feed on my art Instagram!

As a womyn in the music industry, what is the most important problem to eradicate within the industry? Objectification of womyn, safe venues, lack of popular artists within the LGBQT+ community, etc.

I think an issue that needs to be addressed in order for those issues to be eradicated is the lack of resources for marginalised folks. That includes safe venues. Safe places to produce, practice and show work as well. Also safe places/platforms to speak about the issues and generate discussion where we will not be silenced.

Who is your biggest fan and most loyal supporter?

My biggest fan and most loyal supporter I think is me! I think its super important to have the upmost confidence in yourself and be supportive of the actions you make whilst remaining humble. Besides myself, my family and my partner!

If you had advice for any emerging artists in the city what would it be?

My advice would be to go to as many arts related events as possible! Research all the cool things that happen in Toronto and go to them! There are so many free/PWYC (pay what you can) galleries or shows that happen, and those are the best places to network with other cool art folks! Also, reach out to artists who inspire you! Read about your mentors. Find out the paths they took to get where they are. Never stop creating!!

Are there any resources for femme artists that you can suggest?

I suggest:



What are you most passionate about in terms of hobbies? Is there a reason you feel so connected to them?

My hobbies are mostly related to creating! I love to make art, music and cook! I also enjoy biking, hiking/camping and crate digging. I really love to do things that stimulate me creatively, and that can inspire me. When I am out hiking or camping, I feel as though I am recharging. Nature is one of my main sources of inspiration. I feel very grounded in nature.


A goddess in retrograde- Kaya DaCosta

What are you hoping for in your future? What have you accomplished in the arts so far?

I hope that I can continue to create and share my creations with people. My goal is to make a living off of my craft. I have sold quite a few of my art pieces so far, I was a vendor at the Feminist Art Conference in collaboration with my friend Maya, I worked on painting the tiippi at the Evergreen Brickworks and I continue to perform as a solo artist, and in collaboration with others. I feel as though I have already accomplished so much as a young artist, so I am excited for what the future holds! All of my experiences, struggles, passions and loved ones make me who I am. I am forever evolving as an artist, and as a human being.

Keep up with Kaya on social media!

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kayajoan

Art Instagram: @homecreepo

Tumblr: http://kajart.tumblr.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/KOJA