Local & Emerging Artist Directory

Girly Juice
Girly Juice (GJ) is a Toronto-based twenty-something sex blogger, sex toy reviewer, and freelance writer. Her blog and other writing focus on sexuality, relationships, masturbation, beauty, self-love, and self-improvement.

Baphomette is a singer, songwriter, and ukulele aficionado who possesses a peculiar fascination with satanism and the occult. She has been singing since the age of nine, and began songwriting at age sixteen. Nowadays, she aims to challenge the preconceived notions of what brutal and disturbing music is – and she’s been winning over audiences across Ontario in the process.

Kate Sloan
Kate Sloan is a singer/songwriter from Toronto. Her ukulele love songs and piano ballads have been heard at the Canadian Stage Dream in High Park, Toronto’s EcoSavvy and Paprika festivals, and on CIUT 89.5 FM’s Sex City Radio, among other places.

Lindsay Czitron
Lindsay Czitron is country music’s newest wild child. She has been singing for as long as she can remember, and songwriting since the age of eleven. In more recent history, Lindsay has been taking her love for those hobbies a step further by pursuing her dream professionally. She challenges preconceptions of what country music can be, infusing it with folk and pop; creating a delightful sound as a result. Often described as sweet yet compelling, her music is the product of what would happen if Brandy Clark and Sara Bareilles had a somewhat rebellious lovechild. Armed with a dreamlike voice, vivid storytelling abilities, infectious melodies, and a whole lot of heart, Lindsay is ready to take on the music world.

Visual Artists
Jana Ghalayini
Jana Ghalayini is a multicultural artist that works mainly with printmaking, photography and painting. She is currently enrolled in OCAD University for a BFA in Printmaking. Ghalayini is Canadian of Palestinian origin that spent her childhood in Saudi Arabia. Through her work she explores the inconsistent and discriminatory nature of “rudimental” human rights towards people of different culture and gender. Ghalyini’s work opens the dialogue on cultural perspective, bringing more social awareness and adding perspective to the issues that surround it.

Sara Golish
Sara Golish is an emerging visual artist who specializes in figurative and portrait drawing and painting in styles heavily influenced by Magical Realism and Afrofuturism. After receiving her BFA in 2008, she completed an extensive body of work as a decorative painter on high-end residential, corporate and retail interior design projects for Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Sarasota and Barbados. Sara is currently a Freelance Artist based out of Toronto, Canada.

Montina Hussey
Twenty‐seven‐year‐old Montina Hussey grew up in rural southwestern Ontario as the youngest of nine children. Inspired by her liberal upbringing and musically creative siblings, she graduated at F.E.Madill in 2008 and embarked on her own artistic journey. At age Twenty-three Montina enrolled at OCAD University in their Drawing and Painting Program. In her four years of study, she explored numerous mediums and found her voice. Montina is unafraid to search every dark corner within her and then vocalize an empathetic discovery to her audience. Her work has always come from the esoteric corners of the unconscious as she liberates repression. She asks the viewer to surrender to the full play of what is ordinarily called the terror of the unknown.

Michaela Osborne
Michaela Osborne is a community artist facilitator, one-on-one mentor, photographer/videographer, musician, and creative catalyst specializing in inclusive arts programs tailored to marginalized groups, in particular artists of all levels and abilities. Working across a range of mediums, Michaela applies her multi-disciplinary arts, pedagogic and community development skills to design and facilitate short and long term community arts workshops and individual development projects that cater to all abilities. She is a mentor at SKETCH, Toronto’s community arts facility for underprivileged and marginalized youth, and most recently has been taken on as a community artist facilitator with WIMATO, Women In Music and Arts in Toronto, a community not-for-profit based in the heart of Toronto.