Mixing a bit of everything: An Interview with Internet Daughter

Mixing a bit of everything: An Interview with Internet Daughter

It's hard to believe that Internet Daughter (AKA Sophia Switzer) has been Dj'ing for just 2 years. Part of the Bedroomer collective and Intersessions, an artist run collective teaching DJ skills to females and female-identifying individuals, Internet daughter has blazed through the DJ scene with nothing but raw talent.

Fresh from her performances at Skratch Bastid's BBQ in Ottawa and The Steam Whistle Brewery, WIMA spoke with the talented Toronto-based DJ and producer.

Internet Daughter - Press Photo 3 (Maria 'Supermaniak' Govea)


Tell us how you came up with the name Internet Daughter?

It came from when I first started using twitter a lot in 2012. The story isn’t amazing but this guy I was friends with’s name was ‘daddy’ on twitter and I jokingly said ‘we are your daughters’ so it came from that.

How did you get into djing and how long have you been playing?

I got into dj’ing in 2014. The guy I was dating showed me the basics and I just went from there practicing when I could on what I could. So it’s been a little over 2 years now.

What kind of vibes can we expect from an Internet Daughter set?

I mix a little of everything into my sets from hip hop to trap to house to club. I like to play a variety. I think sticking to one genre is pretty boring. That being said it depends where I’m playing, if it’s a hip hop night specifically that’s what I’ll focus on.

You worked with 6 other djs for a beginner dj workshop called Inter-sessions for females and femme-Identifying individuals. How did that collaboration come about? Do you have plans to host another workshop?

Chippy Nonstop approached me with the idea because she was planning to move to Toronto and had already done one out in Vancouver. I knew women here would be super into the idea so we made it happen. Yah we've actually just completed a workshop on July 31st here in Toronto.

In contrast to men, representation by women producing and writing their own work is still  minimal in dance music. What do you think needs to be done to get more women interested in the technical side of production?

I think more women need to be encouraged to pursue computer based skill sets in general. We are always told computers and technology are for men so I feel it makes women feel a bit excluded but I honestly know lots of women who are up and coming producers and I’m really happy the landscape is changing. 

You work in  a space between Hip Hop and Electronic Music. If you could be stuck  working in just one genre which one would it be?

Definitely electronic music. I love music that you can play out in a big club that gets people really excited. 

What has been your favorite song to work on out of all your songs so far?

Hmm, probably the Felix Cartal remix I did. I enjoy doing remixes, it’s fun to take an idea and flip it into something entirely different but still somehow familiar. 

Your passion for music comes through in your sets. What are your top 3 go to tracks of the moment?

Right now definitely a bunch of singles I found on Activia Benz a label I just released on. My little bando my Alfred English, Still Hood by Big Dope P, and Uber by the rapper Cliff Savage (not on Activia Benz). 

You have just played at Valhalla, out of all the acts on the line-up, if you got the opportunity to perform back-to-back with one, who would it be?

Oh probably Downlink I was super into his stuff back in 2010/11 when I was immersed in the dubstep scene. 

What are you working on right now and where can we see your next performance?

I’m working on a remix right now that will hopefully come out soon.