“Opal Angel” New music from Luna Li

“Opal Angel” New music from Luna Li

Photos courtesy of Jaqueline Ashton

Illustration Courtesy of Kendra Yee

Opal Angel is a garage-rock daydream, a romp through the celestial weightlessness of the natural world and an escape from the clutter of the man-made environments we live and work in. The song was written and produced by Luna Li, and the single marks her first release since "Star Stuff", which premiered on Noisey in May. 

The team behind this project is a group of female filmmakers with a DIY attitude whose aim is to put women in front of the camera with honesty, and behind the camera with confidence. 

Luna Li (f.k.a. VEINS) released her debut album Moon Garden in 2015, and the album has amassed over 30,000+ online streams and received attention from The Deli Magazine, CBC Radio, Women in Music and Art, Revibe TO and numerous other sites. The band is a part of Fried Records, a DIY label that is also home to Goodbye Honolulu, the Toronto-based band with whom she recently played a mini Eastern Canadian tour.  



WIMA is proud to premiere Opal Angel here.