Support Our Campaign!

Support Our Campaign!




The Project

WIMA is a Toronto-based grassroots organization dedicated to acknowledging and supporting the representation and contributions of women in the arts and music sphere.  We are dedicated to creating and claiming safe spaces for cis, trans, non-binary and genderfluid women in the city to connect and share their voices creatively. Our ultimate goal is to create a direct link between the artists and the community in order to ensure full access to opportunities that reflect gender parity.

The Impact  

Throughout history, women have been – and continue to be – integral to art and cultural institutions. Creating and claiming exclusive spaces for women artists is not only an essential step in challenging gender inequality and discrimination, but also an opportunity to to inspire, empower and decolonize the visual and performing arts community. Through curated exhibitions, workshops and mentorship with industry professionals, WIMA aspires to build networks where women can share ideas and receive support in creating self-supporting businesses.

What We Need: $6000

In celebration of the organization’s 1st year anniversary, WIMA is looking to raise CAD $6000  to support the development and integration of our 2016/2017 programming which includes a series of art exhibitions, live performance events, workshops and panel discussions.

The funds will be allocated as following:

Artist fees: 35%

Venue Rental: 25%

Staff Fees: 20%

Installation materials/Productions costs: 20%

Risks and challenges

One of our biggest challenges is securing adequate spaces to host our varied events. We are also aspiring to fairly compensate our highly talented and dedicated team of women which runs on a majority volunteer basis.

What You Receive

$10 Social Media Shout-Out

$20 Complimentary Tickets to 2 (two) of our events

$50 WIMA Art + Music Package (includes hand-decorated CD with playlist, stickers

and a personalized letter from the team)

Sponsorship Opportunities

With a contribution of $500 or more, WIMA will work with you to create a sponsorship package that fits your needs, including but not limited to: your name/organization’s name on event marketing and promotion, event partnership and more.

Other Ways You Can Help

We completely understand if you can’t commit to a monetary donation and appreciate your interest and support for our cause. You can help us get the word out and make some noise about the campaign by sharing this campaign with your family and peers through word of mouth, social media and the Indiegogo share tools. Connected voices go far!

Please forward all general questions or concerns about the campaign to Deborah Daniel at and Alexia Bréard-Anderson at and we will be sure to answer promptly within 24 hours.





Thank you so much for your much needed and much appreciated support!