TANGE Is In Season: By Hallie Switzer

TANGE Is In Season: By Hallie Switzer

Three women on stage, guitar bass and drums, dressed all in white with tangerine jewelry, rocking your world with their high energy, sultry harmonies and clever lyrics. It’s TANGE!! Ever heard of them? Well! They are a new addition to the Toronto label Fried Records and are performing as part of the Exclaim! "Class Of" end of year showcase. TANGE as a band is an amalgamation: Deanna Petcoff, Sabrina Carrizo Sztainbok and Hannah Bussiere. Each of them have a variety of music projects on the go… including being part of the bands Pins & Needles and Luna Li, as well as their respective solo projects! Maybe it's easier if I just make a chart…


Clearly everything these people touch is gold so be sure to check out all their music projects!

Upon googling TANGE, you will find only a single recorded song, 'Zombaby', off the annual Fried Records Halloween EP. A 1960's girlgroup-esque bop about a zombie slayer and a zombie in love. Although the EP featuring all Halloween themed songs

is somewhat seasonally specific, this song by Tange has put a song about a zombie into my year round circulation. It's funny, sassy and catchy as hell! Super pleased to hear that TANGE is heading to the studio, and will be putting out an EP in the New Year!

I had the chance to ask TANGE 4 questions, check them out!

 How did you start playing music?

Sabrina: We all have pretty different backgrounds in musical training. Deanna and I met at Girls Rock Camp Toronto and played for several years in the band called Pins & Needles. Hannah has also been playing for a while as Luna Li and has a classical music background.

 How did TANGE come to be?

Sabrina: When Deanna and I finished high school and our friends from our other band Pins & Needles moved to Montreal, we thought it would be fun to jam together while waiting for them to come back to Toronto for school breaks. So we did that and it just escalated, we spent a year writing a track in GarageBand and we would go to shows and be like "our sound is going to be like that!" "And like that!" We were pretty enthusiastically trying to craft a 'concept' for a band. Eventually we wanted to play live so we posted on Facebook asking if someone wanted to drum for us and Hannah responded and we thought it would be a good match (it was!) and our music has been slowly evolving since then.

What was the first song you ever wrote about?

Hannah: I can't really remember what my very first song was about, but it was definitely very dramatic and sad (I was in grade 8 I think a lot of my first songs were about my relationships with friends and peers and how awkward I was). Deanna: The first song I wrote was called Can You See Me, and it was about how I hid my emotions and I hoped people could see me anyway. Pretty deep for a 13 year old, but it was my way of figuring out my feelings and trying to express something to the people that loved me. I don’t think a lot has changed! Sabrina: The first song I casually wrote was to encourage my little cousin to poop on the potty. My first "real song" I wrote had to do with a disdain for suburbia and capitalism but I was like 12 and it really wasn't that deep.

Favourite other thing that is orange?

Hannah: When I was a kid, orange candy was always my favourite but now my favourite orange things are clementines and the sunset over the lake.

Sabrina: My old iPod nano.

Deanna: My orange lipstick by Chanel. It’s #97 and it’s fancy and perfect.

Thanks TANGE!



Stay tuned! I will be spotlighting other female-centric acts performing as part of the Class of 2018 shows in January!