The Team


Holly Dupuis – Development Coordinator

Holly Dupuis is a Toronto-based writer and musician who is passionate about entrepreneurship in the arts. Her background in cooperative development and BA in Music from York University fueled her drive to empower Women, Transgender, and GNC folk to pursue careers in the arts sector. Through networking, the creation of safe performance spaces, and the inclusion of marginalized groups, Holly envisions an attainable, inclusive arts-community in Toronto and elsewhere.


Deborah Daniel  – Program Manager
Deborah is dedicated to the advancement of women in the performing arts & media. Her vision is to provide equal opportunities for women in the music and arts community through advocacy, mentoring, networking, and events. With a strong background in sociology, she hopes to raise the profile and increase the visibility of women in the arts by challenging the status quo and creating a positive space that is supporting, affirming and welcoming, free from discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.


Justine NeiraEvents Coordinator

Justine is a Toronto based artist, curator, and activist. With a passion for people and events, Justine is dedicated to providing opportunities for women in music, arts and media while creating a positive and safe space to show the world through a femmes point of view and continuing to preach the female empowerment movement.


Hallie Switzer– Writer

Hallie Switzer is a bass player for Toronto artist Luna Li,  resident Big Sis at Fried Records, occasional costume designer for film, part time sales gal, newbie music video director, amateur crochet teacher, long-time film lover, wannabe chocolate connoisseur and general student of life, from Toronto.